A little bit about me. After my engineering studies, I worked as a software engineer in different environments like air traffic control, production planning, military and database software. I was always driven by my passion for technology and the opportunity to build increasingly complex products. I learned that designing and building software is a complex process based on teamwork. Due to its nature, it is not always a transparent process, so communication and striving for simplicity are key. There is also no silver bullet, the right technology is context dependent and it is more important how you apply technology then which technology.

Then I started to applying technology to organisations and moved to the field of enterprise architecture. Within sectors as industry, logistics, retail, energy and government I rationalised technology and application portfolios; integrated new and legacy systems; designed complex enterprise architectures, processes and organisations. What I liked the most is the process when learning a new organisation: What is their core business? How is the culture? How are decisions made? What are the expectations concerning communication and change? What is their viewpoint on technology? So again, no right answers, it all depends on the context.

Today I focus on matching technology with an organisation or even the other way around:

  • Defining target operating models and global information flows
  • Defining technology roadmaps and digital transformation programs
  • Leading Enterprise Architecture practices

My view? We live in a rapidly changing digital world now but it still is driven by people. Every organisation should embrace his history (sometimes called legacy) but at the same time looking at the future by architecting in an integrated way information, organisation, processes and technology. I believe in agile processes, visualising ideas, teamwork and a never-ending quest for simplicity.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more info at jan.wilmaers@infodesign.be.
Full CV on simple request.